Ålesund // Photoset

February 25th | Wardrobe Theatre

There has always been something majestic about Ålesund. They’ve always had IMAX-sized widescreen sound, before which you cannot help but feel humble. Alba Torriset’s voice in itself commands a loyal and dutiful following. So naming their newest single ‘All Hail To Your Queen’ wasn’t much of a conceptual leap, or a overly bold association with wielding that sort of clout.

They were beginning their All Hail To Your Queen tour in their home town and launching the single before the release of the video (see below) the following day. As much as a good video (and it is a goodun) adds visual drama to a song, you’ll agree that their new release manages impact in its audible state alone. Add in the video and… when is Ålesund The Musical going to be made?

See the video for ‘All Hail To Your Queen’ here: