March 30th | YouTube

As coronavirus hit and the UK venues closed, artists rescheduled shows and inevitably people stayed in. Not Olivia Devine. Electro-pop siren, L Devine actually took control of the narrative and led a growing surge of artists binning their traditional gigs and adapting them for an online format. In what she has dubbed her URL tour, she has played gigs on different social media platforms including Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Her final show of the tour is on YouTube, and due to new restrictions, had to be shot after her Facebook gig on Monday. As we were placed into lockdown, still being in the studio, she decided the show must go on and filmed another gig for our pleasure. Backed by a large blue lit L, Devine wanders on and talks about the importance of still being able to talk to her fans. ‘Nervous’ is the track that starts it all off with many confessing they are skipping online school to watch and many others singing along, Figure 1 for all of these mini discoveries being the comments section. Asking how everyone is doing, she responds to herself, “I don’t know because I’m not with you,” poking fun at the bizarre one-sided nature of her URL tour.

Keeping that feeling going she sings about an unrequited love in ‘Like You Like That’ and a toxic relationship in ‘Can’t Be You’. Given the format of this gig, it is daunting. At least with traditional concerts, you know devoted fans will attend, but the internet is a cruel place. Thankfully one thing this stream is short of is keyboard warriors, with Devine herself posting in the comments during the video.

In a wholesome effort to keep that vital interaction going, Devine brings a sheet of fan questions which she answers throughout. For those curious, the answers include Malteasers Bunnies (self-isolation snacks), Shar Pei (favourite dog breed)  and herself, Vicky from Geordie Shore, her dad, Sam Fender and Cheryl Cole (top five Geordies).

Then comes breakout hit, ‘Daughter’, where she confesses, “I’m sorry miss I’m in love with your daughter,” is a haunting and tender love letter to a girl but focuses more on the mother who doesn’t understand her daughter’s sexuality. It has even struck a chord with superstar Sam Smith, who recently included it in his ‘To Die For’ playlist on Spotify.

‘Naked Alone’ ushers in her first dance-off of the night, where keyboardist Louie busts some moves in front of the big L that by now has converted to club mode, urgently flashing pink, white and blue. Yet the final song is by far the most relevant anthem of the moment. She leaves warning her fans to stay sleeping naked alone and not hunt out casual flings.

There is something of a missed opportunity here not to play ‘Party On Our Own’, but despite its absence, she embodies the track wholeheartedly. In a time where people need connection more than ever, L Devine makes staying at home immensely more fun.

Here’s that track ‘Party On Our Own’, just in case you felt you were missing it: