Back in April, we brought you Melotone‘s Live Lounge session, The Nicklin Show. It was named after their then semi-absent bassist, who was isolating in Birmingham and having to join them via a TV screen.

And here we are now in late October, where so many things have changed, so many things haven’t changed and so many things have changed and then changed back to how they were before they changed. But one thing has categorically altered for Melotone @ Home // Live – the band is all together in perfect completion.

In sun-blessed garden surroundings, that will remind us of better summery times, they kick off with ‘Shiver’, a title which may well remind us of more recent meteorological conditions. ‘Four Corners’ and ‘Every Night’ invite you enchantingly to sit a while, to contemplate a corner of your bedroom or have a date with luxury. Add in the lush sonic textures and it’s exactly the sort of pleasant escapism we could all do with right now.

Watch Melotone @ Home // Live here: