Bank holiday Monday. Going anywhere nice? No? Good. Very responsible of you.

Melotone kindly offer you somewhere to go – their front room turned live lounge – and something to savour – a three-song set entitled The Nicklin Show. We’re mightily pleased to offer you it as a premiere and as a little bit of late Easter spiritual rebirth.

If we told you that Melotone are a cut of bossa nova, you might unfairly start thinking about house bands on cruise ships. In fact you couldn’t be further from the truth. They play lo-fi Latin jazz that is crammed full of soul. They call it ‘fragile jazz’. It smoulders and simmers with a volatile energy.

The Nicklin Show evidently had humble beginnings: “What started as a house clean became a stage setup; except, without proper lights, a crowd or a bar we had about as much ambience as warm bedside lamps could muster. Nicklin, our bassist, is isolating in Birmingham, so we hooked him up to our TV and named the show after him. He was sorely missed, but at least we had his grainy apparition.

“There’s a strange allure to broadcasting from your lounge. Who knows, after the lockdown, it might become the next industry know-how to be acquainted with your best rugs and candles if the circumstances ever require an emergency livestream from the cupboard.”

Watch The Nicklin Show here:

Track list:
I Was An Empty Groove
Jungle Book

And if that’s got you going, then have a listen to their isolation track, ‘Quero Dancar’: “We’ve been working on a few bedroom recordings, too. ‘Quero Dancar’ is one of them. For our sound, it’s been helpful having to strip back to basics; without big sound systems, we’re attuning more to the tambourines, shakers, the nylon-string acoustics and Portugese verses at the heart of bossa nova, which comes to fruition on ‘Quero Dancar’.”

Featured Image by Alex Nicklin

The Nicklin Show was produced by ATM Films.