Bristol in Stereo (prev. Bristol Live) is Bristol’s dedicated new music and listings magazine, founded in 2012. Together with our sister publication London In Stereo, it’s our mission to shout about all things live — giving exposure to our favourite artists, with an emphasis on those hailing from and passing through our respective cities.

You can get in touch in the following ways:

Loki Lillistone | Founder / Sales & Outreach / Listings
loki < at > instereomag < dot > com

Jon Kean | Deputy / Live Editor [excl. listings]
(Gigs of the Week, previews and reviews)
jon < at > bristolinstereo < dot > com

Kezia Cochrane | New Music Editor
(New Sounds [print] and Tracks of the Week [online])
kez < at > bristolinstereo < dot > com

Lor Nov | Local Release Editor
(Bristol acts, releases currently print only, EP or larger)
lor < at > bristolinstereo < dot > com

Dave Rowlinson | Release Editor
(non-Bristol acts, releases currently in print only, EP or larger)
dave < at > londoninstereo < dot > co < dot > uk



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