Georgia // Live Review & Photoset

March 11th | Thekla

Photos: Jess Greenwood

Thekla often plays host to club nights as well as gigs, and Georgia’s show tonight succeeds at striking a happy balance between the two. Despite her spending most of the night positioned behind her drum kit, bashing away at an array of drum pads and cymbals, the atmosphere never feels like anything less than an all-out dance party.

“Bristol, are you ready?” she yells at the beginning of show. And, after some affirmative whoops from the crowd, she dives into ’24 Hours’. The song kicks off with a slow electronic simmer, before slowly building up to its dazzling chorus. It’s the perfect song to ease the crowd into the mood of the show – that first tentative toe-dip into Georgia’s world.

The following string of songs – all from Georgia’s excellent new album Seeking Thrills – do a good job of slowly ramping up the intensity from there. ‘Never Let You Go’ is jittery and hyperactive, exploding into a sea of neon-coloured synths on its chorus. Then there’s the heavier ‘Own It’, which opens with a jagged electronic riff that cuts through the room, and ‘Ray Guns’, which is as quirky and playful as its title suggests.

Georgia does a good job of varying the mood enough throughout the show while always keeping the energy high. Though she stays positioned behind her drumkit most of the time, she occasionally steps out to the front of the stage to pump up the crowd, acting as her own hype man. The accompanying lights show also does a good job of keeping the energy up; coloured lights slice through the air like security lasers from a spy movie.

The fact that Georgia worked as a session drummer before she broke through as a solo musician also shines through in her performance. With no band accompanying her, she manages to carry the show by herself with her impressive drumming and overflowing charisma.

“It’s tough times at the moment,” Georgia says, part-way through the show. “But we’re all here. We’re connected.” She then dives into the stunning ‘About Work the Dancefloor’, another highlight from Seeking Thrills. It’s one of her finest songs, boasting a dancefloor swagger reminiscent of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. Making for a true one-two punch moment, she follows it up with the euphoric ‘Started Out’. Georgia gives the song a drawn-out acapella intro that would’ve felt indulgent if the song wasn’t so great. It’s the perfect note for her to end the set on.

As the audience clamour for an encore, it’s hard to imagine where Georgia could go next after ending on such a high note. However, dutifully she returns to the stage and dives into a cover of the Kate Bush classic ‘Running Up That Hill’.

Choosing to cover Kate Bush is always a gutsy move, but Georgia proves more than able to carry it. Pumping up the tempo, Georgia’s rendition of the song is a little more club-ready than the original and succeeds in getting the whole crowd singing along. If tonight’s performance has proven anything, it’s that Georgia is an absolute expert when it comes to working a crowd.

See the video for ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ here: