Max Baker


Vinegar + Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes + Hamburger // Preview

Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes
Breakfast Records serve up Vinegar and Hamburger, all very food-related, with Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes seducing our ears in between. Max Baker previews.

Black Country, New Road // Live Review & Photoset

Black Country
"The name Black Country, New Road has come across more lips than Vaseline in recent months." Max Baker and Lee Ramsey review Black Country, New Road.

Black Country New Road // Preview

Black Country New Road
"Black Country New Road are much more than a number to call in ‘I saw them before they were big’ bingo." Max Baker previews their show at Thekla.

Kirin J Callinan // Live Review & Photoset

"Talk about holding an audience in the palm of your hand." Max Baker and Laure Noverraz review Kirin J Callinan at The Louisiana.

Daughters // Live Review

"Daughters step up and launch into ‘The Reason They Hate Me’, a track with a guitar riff like a malfunctioning hadron collider." Max Baker reviews.

Daughters // Preview

"A visceral listening experience which showcases the bands vivid storytelling and inhospitable sonic landscapes." Max Baker previews Daughters.

Pink Turns Blue // Live Review & Photoset

Pink Turns Blue
Algorithms can throw you up such guff when you're clicking through YouTube - or they can give you Pink Turns Blue. Review by Max Baker and Rob Perham.

Pink Turns Blue // Preview

Pink Turns Blue
Damnatio Memoriae continue their current run of great gigs on Tuesday, bringing German post-punk legends Pink Turns Blue to Bristol. Max Baker previews.

Gork // Live Review

To celebrate the launch of their new track 'Spoons', Gork packed the Benjamin Perry Scout Hut to the rafters, and then swung from them. Max Baker reviews.

Gork // Preview

"Should you feel the need to stock up on good spirits before Brexit, the Benjamin Perry Scout Hut may be the place this Saturday." Max Baker previews Gork.