February 23rd | Crofters Rights

Keeping up their reputation as one of Bristol’s hallmark names, Breakfast Records have once again served up an exciting bill of fresh talent to help you through any Sunday night blues. Sandwiching one of Sweden’s most exciting indie bands between two excellent local offerings, this Crofters show will return life to the dying embers of your weekend.

A name which stands out amongst this month’s gig listings, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes delivered on the promise of their early singles with this year’s debut album Sweetie. It’s a shimmering collection of dreamy, eighties-influenced pop that is distinguished by the intoxicating vocals of Matilda Wiezell. Harnessing that decade’s sense of existential longing, tracks like ‘Change of Heart’ and ‘Set Me Free’ develop some of the better indie tropes of the last decade, refreshing once stale ideas.

Either side of Mr Pink’s blinkers are the homegrown offerings of Hamburger and Vinegar. The former impressed recently when supporting En Attendant Ana, almost stealing the show from the headliners. Their lo-fi bedroom pop comes with bewitching vocal harmonies and songwriting ambition that marks them out as ones to watch.

Headliners Vinegar have been developing quietly under the radar for the last couple of years. Their loose, psych-y/slightly surfy tracks are often less immediate than those of other bands on the bill. However, they have an intangible knack for enticing the ear, through which the band are sure to help ease you into the week.

Listen to ‘On The Mend’ by Vinegar here:

Listen to ‘Forever’ by Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes here:

Listen to ‘Seafood’ by Hamburger here: