A shimmering slice of woozy, infectious dance-pop, ‘Bubble of Horror’ is the latest single from Bella Unwin. Ahead of the official release tomorrow, get a first taste of the track right here.

With intricate layers of swirling, heady electronica, Unwin crafts a sonic world that is spellbindingly ethereal and tinged with spectral surrealism. Infused with expansive 80s synths, driving drum beats and shimmering, cosmic melodies, Unwin’s saccharine, sultry vocals are mesmerising as they gracefully glide through the mix. In line with the track’s title, there’s a sense of almost claustrophobic intensity held within the thick, textured layers of sonic embellishment; yet with this Unwin’s attention to detail shines through as each element is interwoven with considered compositional prowess.

Mixed and mastered by Finlay Shakespeare, ‘Bubble of Horror’ is released tomorrow along with the original 2:16 version. Get a first listen to the track below.

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