Vinegar + Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes // Live Review & Photoset

February 23rd | Crofters Rights

Photos: Luke Macpherson

Sometimes, no matter how open the door is, some jokes should be left untold. For example, writing food related puns into a review of a Breakfast Records show, espcially one that includes bands called Vinegar and Hamburger, would be a little stale. Luckily, they’re too tempting for even the bands to resist tonight. From puns (Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Fries) to breakfast-based anecdotes, food-related gags are the order of the day.

Arriving at Crofters Rights early, there was a little time to enjoy the comforting pizza smell before the wafting harmonies of openers, Hamburger, drew punters to the back room. Quietly making a name for themselves, the band once again demonstrated why they are something to be excited about. Their set crackles within a softer dynamic range, as ambitious four-part harmonies and interweaving melodies are crafted into dozy bedroom lullabies.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes follow this with what could be considered the main course. The Swedish band are touring off the back of recent album Sweetie, and the small swell in numbers for their set reflects the increased recognition it has helped them to.

The start of their set stutters a little, with some obvious mistakes stalling momentum at key points during some great pop songs. Whilst there are moments where things seem to click, like during the starry-eyed chorus of album highlight, ‘Change of Heart’, you feel the band may be a little fatigued tonight.

Yet the band have the good will of the crowd. This is not a place for musos to stare at fretboards in wait of the slightest slip. SBDE hit their stride with ‘Stainless Steel’, a track which recalls the indie disco beats of Two Door Cinema Club whilst demonstrating the immense vocal talent the band possesses.

It’s on tracks such as this and the dreamlike ‘For Ezra’, where the well-matched voices of Siri Sjöberg and Tilde Hansen reach the farthest spaces of the songs, that SBDE are at their most captivating. The band finish on a climactic high that closes the night for some, as numbers dwindle in the wake of dreaded Monday morning starts.

A decent hardcore remain for spaced-out local collective Vinegar, whose set underscores the familiar, communal feel of Breakfast shows. The band, for the main part, creates a laid-back atmosphere that is greeted with head bobs of approval.

The set delivers a pleasing twist when, out of nowhere, the wonkiest of riffs kicks everything out of its spacey daze. Throwing its limbs around like a spider in a bathtub, it’s greeted by a deluge of fuzz that powers the proceeding song through the next couple of minutes. This biting change-up fully rewards those who stayed.

Afterwards, moving the camera away as the band start to hug the front row, a glance round the venue shows punters turning to each other. It’s an open, friendly room and no one is heading outside in a hurry. There’s been a comfortable familiarity throughout the night, an atmosphere in which local and international bands have showcased distinctive talents. To gratuitously paraphrase one last food-related saying: if it’s a quality gig experience you want, go local.

Listen to ‘Distances’ by Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes here: