March 5th | Loco Klub

Global pandemic, climate catastrophe and political division have given this new decade an apocalyptic feel. We should look to none other than Benjamin John Franklin, the man behind Blanck Mass, to provide the score.

Coming to prominence as one half of Bristol-birthed noise duo, Fuck Buttons, the now Edinburgh-based electronic artist has channelled the cynicism of global affairs into his most recent releases. Both the bleeding apple on last year’s Animated Violence Mild, and the snarling beast of 2017’s World Eater, offer visual reflections of feelings found within.

Yet rarely is such serious subject matter reflected on in a way so well suited to the dancefloor. Driven by mechanical industrial beats, Franklin’s music often possesses a violent sense of the epic. Tracks like ‘House vs. House’, from AVM, show these signature elements are combined with saccharine 80s synths and down-pitched vocal samples to generate surprisingly introspective moments.

From having his music chosen for the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony to recently composing the score for the upcoming Nick Rowland film, Calm With Horses, Franklin’s music has often found itself combined well with strong visual imagery. This reflects a keen aesthetic sense which, when matched with such strong production, culminates in spectacular results that are unique to projects like Blanck Mass. If you have to choose one last gig before it all ends, you should make it this.

See the video for ‘Love Is A Parasite’ here: