Albert Testani

JAWS // Live Review

"After talking about the extreme poles in JAWS’ music, at a base level, it’s catchy and infectious rock music." Albert Testani reviews JAWS at The Fleece.

Jaws // Preview

"There is a lot happening on JAWS albums." Albert Testani looks forward to hearing tracks from their most recent album, 'The Ceiling', live at The Fleece.

Turnover // Live Review

"The physical embodiment of ‘happy sad’ and dripping with reverb, Turnover’s performance and presence is like a haze." Albert Testani reviews Turnover.

Frankie Cosmos // Live Review & Photoset

Frankie Cosmos
"The reality is that Kline has a lot to say." Albert Testani and Naomi Williams review Frankie Cosmos at Exchange.

Turnover // Preview

"Turnover’s music is made for the autumn." Albert Testani previews Turnover at The Anson Rooms.

Frankie Cosmos // Preview

Frankie Cosmos
"Kline has the ability to dig into the granularity of life and make the mundane feel cosmically apocalyptic." Albert Testani previews Frankie Cosmos.

Camp Cope // Live Review & Photoset

Camp Cope
"Camp Cope is punk. They want to change things." Albert Testani and Craig Simmonds review their scintillating show at Exchange here:

Camp Cope // Preview

Camp Cope
"The band that your alternative flatmate always wanted to start." Albert Testani previews Camp Cope at Exchange.

Pup // Live Review

"PUP's performance at Rough Trade felt like a rare chance to see a band in a setting that they've had to leave behind." Albert Testani reviews.

PUP // Preview

"PUP shows are intense," according to Albert Testani, who looks forward to intensifying things further by seeing them in Rough Trade's Live Room.