15th November | Fleece

JAWS have become criminally under-appreciated since they gained a lot of hype through exposure in outlets like PRS and Radio 1 with their early EPs and records. The Birmingham-based trio have a sound that’s both easy to categorize as indie-rock, but at the same time peals and breaks apart that genre into a number of its incarnations. There is a lot happening on JAWS albums.

Most recently, their self-released third album, The Ceiling, is a sweeping dance-punk, emo, indie-rock album that digs deep into some fuzzy, mumbly emotions on ‘Feel’ and then swirls you out in a reverb dance party on ‘Fear’. Their sophomore release is a little more rock and dreamwave and, thematically, about the anxiety of maturing, best seen on ‘Just a Boy’ where the chorus rings out, “I’m just a boy/ But I’ll be a better man.”

JAWS tracks express personal turmoil and the dramatic aspects of life through a sound that is intimate and phantasmagoric. It seamlessly transitions from traditional guitar and rock to the nu-gaze sound that they’ve now infused with lively dance rhythms and synth. The anticipation of their live show will be how all of this blends together and what it will draw out of the crowd and the band in their performance.

See the video for ‘End of the World’ here: