February 21st | SWX

Archy Marshall, the producer, singer-songwriter, that performs as King Krule, exists in a subterranean world that sounds and feels as if it’s buried underneath six layers of dirty laundry, in a house where the windows have the residue of decades of nicotine and THC.

His second album, The OOZ, was a critical darling that was a blend of trip-hop, dark wave and the jazz influences seen more on his early work. His show at SWX has added buzz at its the official record release show of his highly anticipated follow-up, Man Alive!. The first single off the new record, ‘Alone, Omen 3′, travels down a complex road that feels more like psychedelic lo-fi, rather than the distortion-rich, art-rock feel of ‘Dum Surfer.’

While you can describe Marshall as a sort of SoundCloud rap Lou Reed, as King Krule, he seems even more like the legendary art rocker, and not because he draws on him as an influence or just for the sake of trying to do something subversive. King Krule brings the unsettling feeling that you get when you have your emotions, feelings or opinions stirred by a provocative work. Perhaps this sensation comes out of the fuzz and sludge that Marshall is blasting guitars, saxophones and everything else through.

Record release aside, this performance is one that’s not be missed and by an artist whose continued evolution and creations are truly unique.

See the video for (Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On:

Featured Image: Charlotte Patmore