Albert Testani

No Vacation // Live Review & Photoset

No Vacation
"More than anything else, they've mastered the art of the catchy lead guitar riff." Albert Testani reviews No Vacation at Exchange.

Moon Hooch // Live Review & Photoset

"Moon Hooch live sets evoke a primal urge to dance, even in the one guy standing in the back with his arms crossed." Words and photos by Albert Testani.

No Vacation // Preview

"No Vacation's records have that nostalgic feel that transports deep into the recesses of your mind." Albert Testani previews.

Moon Hooch // Preview

Moon Hooch
"Moon Hooch perform like every note, dance move and breath might be their last." Albert Testani previews Moon Hooch at The Fleece.

Swimming Girls // Live Review & Photoset

Swimming Girls
"Most of the songs are still poppy and stripped with neon, some are brooding with leather and heavy eyeliner." Swimming Girls reviewed by Albert Testani.

Alaskalaska // Live Review & Photoset

"With pop music feeling more and more literal each year, something a little thought-provoking gets exciting." Albert Testani reviews Alaskalaska.

Alaskalaska // Preview

Listening to Alaskalaska "might be one of the trippiest thing you can do legally." Albert Testani previews their show at Rough Trade.

Tirzah // Live Review

"The minimalist, electronic music of Tirzah is the ‘anti-pop’ of the current moment." Albert Testani reviews Tirzah at Trinity.

Tirzah // Preview

"Tirzah’s new tracks feel like the type of love that’s reserved for 3am in a small apartment bedroom," Albert Testani previews Tirzah at Trinity.

Sharon Van Etten // Live Review & Photoset

"Sharon Van Etten moves and poses across the stage with an unbridled, progressive force." Albert Testani and Jessica Bartolini review her SWX show.