17th October | Exchange

Early in her career, Greta Kline, who performs under the name Frankie Cosmos, noticed the trend of critics reading the press releases from her early albums and latching on to her young age and ‘potential’. Over time, this constant default pseudo praise, understandably, annoyed Kline. As if the association between her ability and age were somehow connected.

The New York, indie singer-songwriter, Kline, added to her prolific catalogue with this year’s amazing release, Close It Quietly. On the opening track, ‘Moonsea’, she offers a joke with the punch line coming three songs later as she softly laments, ”The world is crumbling and I don’t have much to say,” and shortly after asking, on ’41st’, “Does anyone want to hear the 40 songs I wrote this year?”.

Kline has the ability to dig into the granularity of life and make the mundane feel cosmically apocalyptic, like when life’s paper cuts mount to an unbearable level. At the same time, her anti-folk style brings gravity to the moments that feel like they have untethered us from reality. Alongside Kline’s four full-length albums, she has released the equivalent of this again through singles, EPs and post on her Bandcamp page throughout her career.

Chronicling her experiences and thoughts on life with a Knausgaard-like openness and style of observation, Frankie Cosmos is an alt band that’s crunchy when it needs to grab your attention and soft when it wants you to really listen.

See the video for ’41st’ here: