25th October | Anson Rooms

Turnover’s music is made for the autumn. Once the morning chill starts to push into the day and the leaves start to change, their deceptively happy/sad sophomore record, Peripheral Vision, draws you in with catchy lead guitar, reverb-saturated choruses and hypnotic mumblecore-like vocals, until you realise tears are streaming down your face as you remember the-one-that-ripped-your-heart-out-and-ran-it-over-with-a-steam-roller.

Originally from Virginia, but with a relocation to the West Coast, the trajectory of Turnover’s sound clearly shows a band that makes the records that it feels like creating and not adhering to what they’ve done in the past.

The disowned first album, Magnolia, was Warped Tour-fuelled pop-punk and hasn’t been revisited since the release of their critically-praised sophomore album, Peripheral Vision. The follow-up, Good Nature, found the band a little cheerier, via a move to California and a move more towards the dream-pop and less towards the indie-rock that had defined the previous two records.

Recently, the band announced the release date of their fourth record, Altogether, as 1st November and accompanied the announcement with two singles, ’Much After Feeling’ and  ’Plant Sugar’. The former stays close to Turnover’s upbeat and heart-torn dream-pop style, but the Clash influenced ‘Plant Sugar’ hints that the band’s next record will continue their history of album-to-album growth.

As the nights draw in, let Turnover ferry you through one of the cold days and lonely nights with their emotional rock haze.

See the video for ‘Much After Feeling’ here: