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Brasher // Live Review

"No band has the right to be this good, this quickly." Simon Moyse gets on board with the chaotic party spirit of Brasher at The Mothers Ruin.

Brasher // Preview

"Debut single ‘Two Foot Mullet’ is a glorious slice of southern-tinged hardcore fun." Simon Moyse previews Bristol's Brasher at The Mothers Ruin.

Aitch // Live Review

“Well, he’s a little... direct, but Grandma will love him, the cheeky little mite.” Simon Moyse reviews Aitch at The O2 Academy.

Aitch // Preview

"Above all, there is a definite down-to-earth Englishness to Aitch that is very appealing." Simon Moyse previews Aitch at The O2 Academy.

JOHN // Live Review & Photoset

Rock Gods, JOHN could barely keep still or maintain coherence between songs, such was the excitement shared by all. Review by Simon Moyse and Jonny Nolan.

JOHN // Preview

"JOHN play a raw, earthy brand of punk rock: high-powered, not flashy, but energetic and exciting." Simon Moyse previews.

The St Pierre Snake Invasion // Live Review & Photoset

Pierre Snake
"'If you’ve got it, flaunt it,' says Damien Sayell of The St Pierre Snake Invasion. And they did. Simon Moyse and Andrzej Zajac review.

The St Pierre Snake Invasion // Preview

"Live, the Snake Invasion are a force to be reckoned with. Expect plenty of tongue-in-cheek bragging." Simon Moyse previews The St Pierre Snake Invasion.

Drahla // Live Review

"For those who have never seen Drahla before, they get to see plenty tonight of what makes them one of the best live acts around." Simon Moyse reviews.

Drahla // Preview

"They have been compared to the likes of Wire and Sonic Youth, but Drahla really are somewhat unique." Simon Moyse previews this freebie at The Lanes.


Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass // Preview

Thundercat // March 2020


Obongjayar // Live Review

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks // Preview