13th December | Mothers Ruin

In a world where the digital EP is king, and bands like Strange Bones and Big Spring still haven’t released a debut album despite years of touring killer material, Bristol punks Brasher are following a different path. On Friday, they play only their second show and release their debut album (on cassette, entitled Everything) on the same night. Clearly, these guys are ready to get rocking.

Early signs, though, are that Brasher will be much more than a one-night wonder. Debut single ‘Two Foot Mullet’ is a glorious slice of southern-tinged hardcore fun, bringing to mind Misfits or The Bronx. ‘Eagles’ and ‘Six Foot Biscuit’, meanwhile, are raucous garage romps. On this evidence, it will be worth digging your old tape deck out to give Everything a listen.

No less than FIVE bands will be supporting Brasher over two stages at this show, and there is plenty here for all the family. Bath bass-heavy two-piece Ghost of The Avalanche will bring their fierce, stripped-back noise punk.

The real treat here, though, will be the return of Paris three-piece (now based in London) A Void. Raw grunge with a European twist, singer Camille Alexander mixes her dark vocals with a penchant for extreme onstage hi-jinks, notably a recent attempt to perform while hanging from the ceiling pipework of The Victoria in London, only for pipework, Camille and all to come crashing to the ground. Ouch.

Entry is free, so bring a hard hat, and you’ll be all set.

Listen to ‘Fin De Merde’ here: