16th October | Marble Factory | photos by Patti Aberhart

Angel Olsen‘s name is everywhere at the moment. No Instagram feed can be scrolled through without a copy of her new album MY WOMAN being proudly shown off; no record shop without her face in the window. As such, tonight’s gig at the Marble Factory is impossibly busy, sold out in the truest sense.

MY WOMAN is a punchy album – we said “Olsen matches moments of powerful, synth-laden pop and delivers brooding, melancholic melodies” in our review, yet it’s a different kind of Angel Olsen that greets Bristol tonight. Opening with a soft, graceful ‘Never Be Mine’, a track that’s choppy and rousing on record. Even the rollocking single ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ is toned down tonight, and although it takes a while for the crowd to adjust, it’s a new suit that fits Angel Olsen perfectly.

With her band behind her – note-perfect throughout and sporting matching sky blue suits – it becomes a show set on the grandest of scales, and toning down the gritty guitars from MY WOMAN allows the intricacies of Olsen’s songs to come to the fore once more, and show they are still folk songs underneath.

Angel Olsen is the kind of shapeshifter that can easily change her style, image and everything you thought defined her on an album-by-album, tour-by-tour basis. Tonight sees her theatre-ready, and shining brighter than ever.

Watch the video for ‘Sister’ below.