Amy Grace


Gork // Live Review

"At one point, I clocked the guitarist drinking a tube of Mini Cheddars whilst a cowbell was taped around his stomach." Amy Grace reviews GORK.

Some Bodies // Live Review & Photoset

Some Bodies
"A melancholic nod to old-school rock and soaring psychedelia." Amy Grace and Jess Greenwood review Some Bodies at The Louisiana.

Gork // Preview

"Gork will be pulling out all the stops for their upcoming EP launch." Amy Grace previews the self styles 'crappy punk rock' of Gork at The Crofters Rights.

Some Bodies // Preview

Some Bodies
"Their freshly-released album, 'Sunscreen' is tinged with nostalgia, lo-fi and even the occasional Beatles influence. Amy Grace previews.

Babeheaven // Live Review

"Nancy’s vocal runs were evocative, goosebump-inducing and drenched in R&B." Amy Grace reviews Babeheaven at Exchange.

Laura Misch // Live Review

Laura Misch
"Laura paints cinematic scenes; the sax provides warmth whilst the synths provides textures and atmosphere." Amy Grace reviews Laura Misch.

Babeheaven // Preview

"Babeheaven paint cinematic scenes and it’s done so delicately, often dealing with heavy subjects." Amy Grace previews Babeheaven at Exchange.

Ålesund // Live Review

"Lyricially there was a mythical property to most of the songs with nods to ‘distant lands’." Amy Grace reviews Ålesund at The Louisiana.

Laura Misch // Preview

Laura Misch
"Laura Misch will be bringing her one-woman looping show to Exchange on 23rd October," supported by Emily Isherwood. Amy Grace previews.

Fangclub // Live Review & Photoset

"The title track from their latest release was quite epic and definitely caught our attention." Amy Grace and Jess Greenwood review Fangclub.