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Tracks of the Week 131

Make your Monday a tiny bit better with some of our favourite new music of the last week.

Tracks of the Week 130

Get your weekly fill of great new music all in one place.

Interview | Half Waif

Half Waif
Nandi Rose Plunkett, or Half Waif to you and me, speaks to our New Music Editor, Christian Northwood about consistent evolution and her album, 'Lavender'.

September: What’s New?

New Music Editor, Christian Northwood, bestows the summer with some longevity, via tracks from No Violet, Exam Season and Honey Moon.

Tracks of the Week 128

Enjoy some hot new music compiled by us.

Tracks of the Week 127

Get stuck in to our favourite new songs: Dilly Dally – Sober Motel Dilly Dally continue expanding their sound with ‘a celebration of sobriety, in the...

Tracks of the Week 126

Treat yourself to some incredible new music from Bristol and beyond.

Interview | Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds
Christian Northwood talks to Ewan Merrett of Bad Sounds about their forthcoming self-help inspired 'full package' of an album.

August: What’s New?

Self Esteem
New Music Editor, Christian Northwood, gives your ears some loving for August, in the shape of Self Esteem, Park Motive and Black Midi.

Tracks of the Week 125

Check out some of our favourite new songs to have come out over the last week.