Jessica Bartolini


Our Girl | Photoset

Our Girl treated The Louisiana to their quiet-and-loud, 'mouse that roared,' breathtaking songs of explosive tenderness. Photoset by Jessica Bartolini.

Men I Trust | Photoset

Men I Trust worked the meditative magic of their indie-dance sound on the Louisiana audience recently. Jessica Bartolini captured them on camera.

The Night Café | Photoset

The Night Café
The Night Café successfully worked on the crowd at Thekla this week. Jessica Bartolini was there to capture some fine images.

The Barr Brothers | Photoset

Barr Brothers
River Town brought The Barr Brothers and their sibling symbiosis and solidarity to Thekla recently. Jessica Bartolini caught their family values on camera.

Nouvelle Vague | Photoset

Nouvelle Vague
12th June | St George's You'd generally raise an eyebrow at the notion of us covering a covers band. When one makes covers that make...

Waxahatchee | Photoset

Tenderness and tempestuous emotions combined is the delicate balance that Waxahatchee strikes. See Jessica Bartolini's photo's of Waxahatchee's recent show at The Fleece.

Spector | Photoset

Spector may have been around for a while now, but they've still got that spark, as you can see from Jessica Bartolini's shots of their recent Thekla show.