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Will Joseph Cook // Live Review & Photoset

Will Joseph Cook
"Will Joseph Cook’s gig felt much like the final scene in a 'coming of age' film." Phoebe Burt and Grace Fitton-Assinder review his Louisiana show.

Will Joseph Cook // Preview

"Will Joseph Cook is back with his new single ‘Hey Brother’ and it’s about time too." Phoebe Burt previews Will Joseph Cook at The Louisiana.

Homeshake // Live Review & Photoset

"I felt thankful that I’d been granted two hours free from reality." Phoebe Burt and Naomi Williams review Homeshake at Fiddlers.

Homeshake // Preview

"I thank Pete Sagar every day for blessing us with Homeshake." Phoebe Burt previews the forthcoming Homeshake show at Fiddlers.

Easy Life // Live Review & Photoset

Easy Life
"It’s the incorporation of jazz that sets this band apart from the notoriously bad boybands of days gone by." Phoebe Burt and Lorenzo Ottone review Easy Life.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich // Preview

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Benjamin Francis Leftwich is coming to Thekla with a new album to showcase. Phoebe Burt preview, and rekindles her teenage obsession.

The Internet // Live Review & Photoset

The sunny LA attitude of The Internet radiated throughout the O2 Academy recently. Phoebe Burt and Naomi Williams review.

NAO // Live Review

"And it wasn’t just her personality and music that made this gig striking. NAO knew how to put on a show." Phoebe Burt reviews.

Easy Life // Preview

Easy Life
"This city holds the exact crowd that will welcome Easy Life’s boisterous, playful sound with open arms." Phoebe Burt previews.

The Internet // Preview

The Internet make the kind of tracks that have generational appeal, meaning even your mum would like them. Phoebe Burt previews.



Whitney // Preview

Talk Show

Talk Show // Preview

Giant Swan

Giant Swan // Preview