Since their inception back in 2014, Worm Disco Club have constantly been at the forefront of Bristol’s ever-prolific Jazz scene. And their club nights have seen them host the likes of The Comet is Coming, The Mauskovic Dance Band and The Heliocentrics.

Today they release their debut record New Horizons, showcasing Bristol’s new wave of emerging Jazz artists, on their recently launched Worm Discs label. To celebrate New Horizons being out in the world, the Worm Disco Club crew have put together a playlist that captures this ‘Bristol Jazz Sound’.

“Bristol is known for being a city with a proud musical heritage and anyone who lives here knows just how diverse the music scene here is. That said, we often felt that people from outside of Bristol label us as “That city where Massive Attack & Portishead are from”. We grew up listening to Trip-Hop and the city’s other familiar sounds of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Reggae – we love them as much as the next person, but what’s happening in 2020? Bristol’s Jazz music scene is often overlooked in the UK, being somewhat overshadowed by the London Jazz scene, something we intend to change!

With this playlist we wanted to capture as much of the Bristol “Jazz” scene as possible; from the instrumental landscapes of Waldo’s Gift & Run Logan Run, vocal led sounds of Feelgood Experiment & China Bowls, more electronica-inspired work from Ishmael Ensemble and Sydney and some seriously deep & conscious lyrics courtesy of Solomon O.B. we hope that this playlist helps reveal a little bit of what has been bubbling away in our city over the past few years!”

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