Bristol reacts to Deleted Soundcloud ‘Documentary’

Music streaming site Soundcloud recently released a video profiling what it considers to be the Bristol music scene – which judging by its video is a load of Bristol uni students listening to house and disco.

Obviously this has not gone down well with Bristol.

The video was quickly deleted from Facebook after users rightly pointed out that it was hardly representative, if not fatly incorrect. Despite the abundance in Bristol of exciting and special music in nearly every genre, the Soundcloud documentary seemed only to focus on the student house scene, and interviewed pretty much just white males, all of whom had ‘interesting’ Bristol accents to say the least…

If you haven’t seen the video don’t worry – one hero re-uploaded it to their own Facebook:

The response from Bristolians has shown that the musics scene is more than just a marketing tool. And while the frankly hilarious Facebook backlash which caused the video’s deletion has sadly now been lost, local noise-purveyors Spectres at least decided to throw their own event celebrating those involved:

Yah, yah…