The ‘difficult second album’ tag is inescapable. After Daughter released and toured their 2013 debut album If You Leave, the trio decamped to New York City to work on its follow-up, the pressure of living up to their debut’s promise feeling heavy.

Not To Disappear, which was released at the very start of 2016, answered every one of these queries, and then some. Touring the often quiet, insular ‘If You Leave’ on festival main stages across the world for two years naturally made the band a bit louder and crunchier, and this change clearly fed into Not To Disappear – Elena Tonra’s vocals on ‘Numbers’ and ‘No Care’ feel like spits rather than whispers – they’re a band wiser, stronger and heavier than before.

The album’s first single, ‘Doing The Right Thing’, also saw Daughter emerge as a band with extremely important points to make. The song’s tale of fearing the loss of those with dementia and alzheimer’s was presented in such a delicate and understanding way – no other band could be trusted like this to tackle such sensitive subjects, but Daughter did it perfectly.

The band premiered songs from Not To Disappear last November at a small show at Trinity, and after an extremely successful run of UK shows around the album’s release, and festival slots at the likes of Glastonbury and Latitude, Daughter return to Bristol next month for a Colston Hall show that comes as part of their biggest run of headline dates ever.

Not To Disappear and the Colston Hall fit together like hand and glove – the old concert hall’s grand surroundings are exactly what the new album’s songs deserve in order to shine the brightest. While ‘No Care’ is grubby and sexually charged, ‘Doing The Right Thing’ and ‘Fossa’ are the grandest the band have ever sounded, with sky-high guitars that deserve to be heard on the grandest of all stages.

Daughter’s new album ‘Not To Disappear’ is out now via 4AD. The band play Colston Hall on 25th October. Buy tickets for the show here, and watch the band’s video for ‘No Care’ below.