To accompany yet another day of beautifully hot (read: disgustingly sweaty) weather, you should definitely be listening to Bristol artist Eric Sings’ brand new EP My Hill. The young songwriter’s new release finds him diving deeper into the grunge sound, but combined with a lighter, often dreamier side.

Opener ‘The Outcome’ is quiet and breezy, his acoustic guitar accompanied by another more languid guitar, not dark enough to be grunge, but too immediate to be slacker pop. ‘Glitch’ is darker though, and darts in and out of your head, the only constant being the simple guitar riff and Eric’s voice. Clocking in at only 13 minutes, My Hill passes you by before it’s even begun, but it’s melodies will stay in your head all day.

Have a listen to the EP below, and keep an eye out on his Facebook for new tour dates.