Count down from ten. Crank up the volume. Prepare to apologise to your neighbours. And for your neighbours to subsequently thank you. Nuala Honan has done it again, with another feel-good blast of fizzy art/alt-rock in the form of her new single, ‘Head Undone’, which is out today. The track, recorded with Nick Dover at Canyon Sound and mixed at Invada Studios, is a further step away from the beautiful delicacy of Nuala’s former incarnation as a folk artist.

It’s a kind of reverse metamorphosis, from butterfly into caterpillar, except the kind of Caterpillar we’re talking about is one of those massive, unstoppable yellow machines that shifts tonnes of earth.

On the subject of fluttering beasts, Nuala says of the single, “I wrote this song in South Australia at a small cottage on a vineyard, just outside Adelaide. My brother was laughing hysterically at me for leaping out of the way of moths, mosquitoes and generally large flying things. So we got to talking about how when I was growing up and having operations on my ears, the IV was ‘winged’ and how this ‘butterfly’ was going to kiss my hand… which was followed by some extreme terror, pain, passing out, and major operations on my delicate ear drums.

“In particular, this song channels some pretty terrifying memories from an incredible holiday my parents took us on when I was seven and my brother nine to the coast of Queensland. I was forced into a wetsuit and pushed into the Great Barrier Reef, thrashing through crowds of fish bigger than me. Dad said, ‘You’ll thank me later,’ and while I’m not best pleased about the terror, I’m glad I saw the reef in all its glory, before the damaging effects of climate change.”

Listen to ‘Head Undone’ here:

You can listen to and purchase the track via other platforms here.

Also, Nuala has started a lockdown podcast called Phonin’ With Honan (genuinely, seriously loving this name), in which she has phone chats with various friends and contemporaries. Lots of these are Bristol-based or -related artists, such as Alabaster Deplume, Rozi Plain and Kate Stables. Join Nuala each episode as she works her way through the contacts in her phone, catching up with old friends, checking in with the sick or self-employed, or just a jolly chat with a charming mate.

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