Bristol two-piece Poisonous Birds blew us away in January with their lush and impressive second EP ‘Big Water’. It’s a stunningly complete piece of work, with dense electronics pairing with tribal drumming, a hypnotic mix of post-rock sensibilities and ambient soundscapes.

The band have not rested on their laurels however, and have today announced a new EP ‘Dirty Water’, out 21st June, along with new single ‘Tangle’. The EP is meant as a companion piece to ‘Big Water’, with brand new tracks, remixes and ‘abstract sound works’ left over from the previous EP sessions.

‘Tangle’ is one of the previously unheard compositions, and continues along the same sonic lines as ‘Big Water’. According to Tom Ridley, who contributes vocals, electronics and guitars to the project, the pair set out to write a guitar song ‘but as usual, things got wonky’. He added: “I ended up detuning my guitar to A# and playing through a broken amp and Finn (Mclean, drums) constructed that gut-wrenching beat. I also hid the meaning in plant metaphors. We’re into plants these days.”

You can hear his guitar’s guttural sound over the top of the track’s celestial synths, whilst Toms soft, drawn out vocals glide along as the track builds and swells, cutting through the overwhelming electronic layers and the expressive drumming.

The band have two upcoming dates this weekend, first at Dot to Dot (Louisiana Bar, Saturday 6pm) and second at the Arctangent Festival Warm-up show (The Fleece, Sunday 3:30pm).

Listen to ‘Tangle’ below: