Q: What happens when you add one good thing to another good thing?

A: You get a really good thing, idiot.

This, I assume, was the logic that Josh Jarman, from Bristol garage rock two piece Human Bones, and Joe Sherrin, from Milo’s Planes / Slonk / Let’s Kill Janice / Me, You & Thomas / OCDeirdre, used when deciding to team up for their new project Fuzzy Plums.

Their first song, ‘Headbutt’, and forth-coming EP, were born out a want to create ‘unashamedly pop songs’, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve definitely succeeded. Recorded last year in music label Breakfast Record’s HQ, the EP also features cornet from Harry Furniss (Iceman Furniss Quintet), mandolin from Jamie Cruickshank and backing vocals from Lily Green.

The video, which features a lot of fun dancing in some very beautiful locations, was filmed and edited by Josh and the duo have promised some live dates soon.

Watch the video below