Tomorrow (Friday 17th) sees the release of the single, but you can feast your eyes on the video for ‘Landlord Laughs’ a day earlier. On that video, Twisted Ankle bring you simple dance moves that all the family can master and distorted faces that one or two more sensitive members of the family might not get along with so readily. What they also bring, via Breakfast Records, is their stinging mix of post-punk and offbeat jazz, all laced with an uncompromising sonic and lyrical onslaught.

‘Landlord Laughs’ is the first single taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. Written about the housing crisis, it also manages to remind us of how central our homes have become during lockdown, as well as how precarious some people’s homes have become, whether that’s trouble meeting the rent or problems with fellow inmates. The track starts and ends with samples of the noises Boris Johnson makes in between words (some might say ‘his best bits’). A section of the vocal in the middle could easily sound to some like a premonition of a dystopian police state.

The band themselves state: ‘Landlord Laughs’ is a nursery rhyme about neo-feudalism – a kind of updated ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’. We hope that one day little primary children will skip around the merry tree chanting “Where did you put it?” and asking “Mummy, what’s a house?”

See the video for ‘Landlord Laughs’ here: