Let’s be honest, the year doesn’t really begin 1st January. The 1st is spent stuck in your bed, unable to move from the night before. The 2nd is similar, only this time you’re probably able to scrape your body out of bed for a KFC. The 3rd is spent hastily trying to make up for 2 days of lost time, and staring at the gut you’ve developed over the festive period. So let’s just all agree that the 4th is actually the beginning of the year, the day you feel like you can actually handle a new year.

Hinds know this well, and so decided to give you all a nice present to try get you through your new year’s resolutions. A lovely late Christmas present, all wrapped up in ribbon. But what’s inside? Oh, only a stream of their fantastic debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’. How incredibly nice is that? A full four days before the album is supposed to be released. And all for you.

If Hinds managed to get us all excited with a load of great singles and gigs last year, they seem to have taken it upon themselves to really make their mark this year, and the album is the garage-rock kick to the gut you need to dispel any last bits of festive hangover. So what are you waiting for, celebrate the real new year’s day in style!

Stream ‘Leave Me Alone’ over on NPR right now. Hinds play The Fleece on February 24th.

Need even more Hinds in your life? Check out their brilliant, unofficial video for ‘San Diego’ right here: