Bristol heavy post-punk outfit Idles have shared their first single from debut album Brutalism, and it is as intense and hard hitting as you’d expect.

‘Divide and Conquer’, the first snippet of music from the band since Meat EP, is both deeply personal to the band, whilst also rallying against the systematic cuts crippling the NHS.

The band explain: “It was written at a time where I watched my mother deteriorate in a hospital that was itself dying. The song was an observation on how simple financial cuts and the mere action of writing a cross in a box can cut someone’s life short. Today the Tories have started the campaign to sell whatever is left of our NHS or the Sustainability and Transformation Plan as they’ve put it. Fuck off.

The accompanying video is as ruthless and charged, providing a fitting backdrop to the raging, furious guitars. There is a very real need for bands like Idles right now, and ‘Divide and Conquer’ is the kind of song to rally around.

Watch the video below