Now’s a pretty good time to be a psych fan in Bristol. We’ve got a host of promoters and bands pushing fuzzy sounds into our ears from every angle possible. A big name for that is undeniably Stolen Body, whose annual Psych Fest takes place this month. We caught up with one of their latest signings, Captain Süün, to chat about their new EP Beach Burrito and their slot at this year’s festival.

Drummer Nathan McLaren Stewart is humbled to be a part of the scene at the moment. “It’s been a long time coming for there to be a healthy psychedelic scene in this city, really. More people are coming down to the shows, more people are interested, more people are paying. It’s all down to the bands that are making it happen and the amount of support they receive.” The influence these promoters (namely Stolen Body) have inflicted upon Captain Süün has been undeniable. Nathan continues, “I’m not just saying this because we’re signed to them, but I don’t think I could name a better label than Stolen Body with regards to how they treat their artists and how much effort they put into what they do. It’s been a massive push for us. We’re very blessed to be able to work with them.”

“We experimented a little bit when we first started, but we were just fully taking the piss and writing songs about beer, really.”

Captain Süün’s performance at last year’s Pysch Fest instilled a dramatic belief that they could make something of their informal project. Nathan casts his mind back, “We got such a big crowd; it was a great turnout. Even though we were the first on, the room was packed and we made some really good friends that night. It was a big turning point and we realised we could actually do it.”

Before this somewhat pivotal moment, the band were just joking around in some respects. “We experimented a little bit when we first started, but we were just fully taking the piss and writing songs about beer really.” Nathan continues to detail how their first proper release Beach Burrito came to be. “We wanted to take it slightly more seriously. So we ended up doing a lot of writing last summer. Our sound was influenced by a vast mixture of different genres and bands we’d been listening to. We naturally ended up with that quite fuzzy tone which can be heard on the release.”

Armed with a fresh record, the band are set to perform at Rough Trade as part of this year’s Psych Fest. They’re naturally pretty buzzing to be a part of it again. “We’re really excited. It’s our only Bristol show for a while, so we’re going to try our best to make it special. We’ve found more people are coming to our shows lately and we’re creating a bit of a fanbase. Psych Fest should be a good one, because hopefully it’s going to be a mix of new people coming down and supporting the bands and also our friends. We get to play with some of our favourite bands as well.”

The band have a relatively quiet summer on the horizon beyond the show this month. Nathan says they’re going to invest that time in penning some new material. “Coming up to the end of summer, it will be a year since we recorded the Beach Burrito EP, so we’re eager to get back writing. We’ve got one or two festivals and that’s it, really. Beyond that, we’ll be heading out to Europe and doing some more UK dates to mark the end of the chapter. Then hopefully we’ll record something new and go all out with it.”

Captain Süün play Rough Trade at Bristol Psych Fest on 7th July. Their Beach Burrito EP is out now on Stolen Body Records.