Issue #55 | August 2016

Read online: Ezra Furman, Mothers, Fenne Lily, Rozelle, Howling Owl, listings & more.


As one Twitter user put it: “2016 has no chill.”

The world is definitely a terrifying place right now but I hope our little magazine gives you a breather from the nightmares and reminds you that there are still some people doing good on our planet.

Cover star Ezra Furman, for example, opens up about both their struggles and their hopes; proving the similarities between what we all experience at some point and making them feel a little less lonely. Elsewhere, Athens’ Mothers are proof that you can often produce your best work with little or no plan – that proof is in their AOTY contender When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired.

To top it all off, we’re really excited to publish an exclusive excerpt from Scroobius Pip’s forthcoming book ‘Distraction Pieces’. Here are a few little distractions to hopefully improve your day and help you enjoy the final weeks of summer.

Sammy Maine
Managing Editor