Issue #54 | July 2016

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Chin up,

When it seems like everything in the world around you is doomed, you can often find solace in the simple things. I’m super excited to have Pride do the picks this month; not only do they have impeccable taste when it comes to choosing their acts, but they represent a safe, comforting space with love and equality at its heart; and we could all do with having a little more of that in our lives.

Durham’s Martha sit down to talk difficult second album syndrome and keeping things punk with Will Richards, while cover star FEMME is the personification of carving out your own path in an industry that wants you to do exactly the opposite. We also chat to Silver Waves and music video director James Hankins, who tells us how originality is often the key to personal success. After the past few weeks, Bristol has once again proved it’s a beacon of hope in a world that is often too scary to comprehend.

Sammy Maine
Managing Editor