Issue #65 | June 2017

Read online: Stevie Parker, Pond, Kite Base, Pride, June Releases & more.

Busting Out Of Bristol.

Bristol has always had a brilliantly diverse music scene but some outsiders still attribute the city’s output to bands of 20-30 years ago. What they’ve missed is artists like cover-star Stevie Parker, who’s on the brink of superstardom with her bold admission into sombre-pop. Debut album The Cure could catapult her to new heights, and Robyn Bainbridge caught up with her before Bristol loses her for good. Elsewhere, Oliver Evans chats to new electro-bass project Kite Base while Ross Jones talks to Perth’s psych stalwarts, Pond. With the first events kicking off at the end of this month, Bristol Pride pick out the best acts to look forward to during their festivities, and Rife Magazine’s Nikesh Shukla tells us what makes him tick.

New Music Editor Christian Northwood tackles the best new bands in our What’s New? section while contributor Jon Kean speaks of how listening to music helped him get through his battle with cancer. Plus, we review some of the best new albums out this month, while also packing in all the live music listings you could ever want…

Sammy Maine
Managing Editor