Issue #68 | September 2017

Read the Sep issue with Girlpool, Alvvays, Bristol Craft Beer Fest, Releases & more.


This month sees hundreds, if not thousands, of new faces heading to Bristol to begin university. As a UWE graduate myself and currently celebrating my tenth year in Bristol *groans with old age*, I can personally vouch for what an incredible time you’re about to have. The music scene here was something that was pretty overwhelming at first but ultimately welcoming – rewarding me with some of my favourite experiences to date.

We wanted to pick out some of the best shows happening this month to show you how eclectic Bristol can be. Cover stars Girlpool chat to Kezia Cochrane about that difficult second album, while Canadian indie-popsters Alvvays tell Jon Kean what they love about European audiences. Elsewhere, Denai Moore chats to me about staying true to yourself and New Music Ed Christian Northwood picks out the acts that you should be getting excited about. Plus, loads, loads more.

So, welcome to Bristol – we hope you have a nice time!

Sammy Maine
Managing Editor