Issue #73 | February 2018

Read the Feb issue with HMLTD, Mogwai, Rough Trade, Releases & more.

Kicking the year off proper.

January doesn’t really count, does it? Certainly not if you’ve been in the same post-new-year vortex as I have. So it’s with great pleasure that we cast our editorial eye over February, with all its unyielding quantity and butterfly-inducing quality.

The ever-arthouse HMLTD hit the cover this month, as we chat to them about their upcoming debut album, distinctive style and more. Live Editor, Jon Kean, sits down with the legendary Mogwai ahead of their Colston Hall show, touching on their lengthy history and the return of drummer Martin Bulloch. Not to forget our local pick of the month, we also spend time with Springbreak’s Kate Stapley in anticipation of her debut solo release.

All this, plus picks from Rough Trade Bristol, guest chats with Electric Harmony, a whole mess of new releases and much more. Spot on.

Loki Lillistone