Issue #74 | March 2018

Read the March issue with Django Django, Dream Wife, Gengahr, releases...

Say ‘hello’ to March in all its leftfield glory.

Three of our fave acts in one issue? Yes please. Gracing the cover this month are Django Django, who tell Will Perkins all about their musical process and general discontent with the current state of the world.

Next up, it’s only bloody Dream Wife. We get deep into their patriarchy-smashing, safe-space-championing art-punk ahead of their Bristol date this month. Finally, and completing our trifecta of underground excellency, Gengahr talk difficult second album and how their sound is evolving with a mind of its very own.

All this, plus a rather overflowing release section, guest chats with The Bristol Germ and Tap The Feed and, lest we forget, plump live listings for the upcoming month and more.

Take it easy,

Loki Lillistone