Issue #75 | April 2018

Read the April issue with Girl Ray, 2018 festival guide, new releases and more...

Girl Ray
Girl Ray

Festival Season is nigh.

I’m so in love with the way the festival world has blossomed during the last couple of years. Gone are the days of overpriced tickets for a smattering of lacklustre behemoths, giving way to a culture of boutique events and carefully-curated lineups. In this issue we run down the 25 you most need to know about – large and small – locally, nationally and internationally.

Propping up our cover this month are the inimitable Girl Ray, fresh from SXSW and heading to Bristol for a show at Thekla. Rhys Buchanan chats to them about the reception of their debut album and where they’re headed next.

Meanwhile, we round up the month’s best new releases, Live Editor, Jon Kean, ponders whether you should blab through a gig and, of course, we present plump live listings for the month ahead. Sock it to me.

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