Issue #79 | August 2018

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Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers

Seeing the summer out right.

I’m so proud of Bristol right now. Where the warmer months are often something of a hiatus for live music beyond the festival circuit, this summer has really seen independent venues, acts and organisers keep up the heat (no kidding).

This month, one of the most hotly-tipped acts out of LA is Bristol-bound and, of course, graces our cover. Kezia Cochrane talks to Phoebe Bridgers about her first record, endless touring and how you can find your way to a music career if you simply decide not to do much else.

Elsewhere, we catch up with Bath’s Bad Sounds, who release their album this month, as well as Gorgeous Bully, who are back from hiatus and releasing on Bristol’s Breakfast Records, plus chats with our own Poisonous Birds on their ever-evolving guitar-electronic crossover.

Stick around for recommendations from Green Man Festival and other guests, plus new releases, listings and a whole lot more.

Loki Lillistone