Issue #80 | September 2018

Read the Sep issue with Teleman, Half Waif, Petrol Girls, releases more...

The last issue of BLM as you know it.

Starting next month, we’ll be teaming up with some of our closest friends to create something bigger and better for Bristol. More cutting edge acts, additional features, a fresh design – even a new name. But don’t worry, we’ll still have all your favourites.

This issue, stalwarts Teleman grace our cover ahead of their album and two (two) Bristol dates this month. They talk bringing aliens together and not throttling each other in the process. Elsewhere, the amazingly underrated Half Waif teaches us how to produce a dark and brooding electronic album amid a scenic and wooded Upstate New York. The Bristol-born – yet now rather international – Petrol Girls also chat to us about their Virginia Woolf-indebted adventures in unpacking sexism.

Also: Exchange is officially for sale – to you. Matt Otridge tells us about how gig-goers like us can make it our city’s first ever community-owned venue. What a fantastically Bristolian idea.

Loki Lillistone