Issue #81 | October 2018

Read the Oct issue with Cat Power, Empress Of, Bristol Student Guide, releases more...

After nearly seven years at it, Bristol Live Magazine has hit a new chapter, as we become: Bristol In Stereo. Our sister magazine, London In Stereo, has been making it happen in The Big Smoke for nearly as long and it’s high time we joined forces to create something bigger and better for our much-loved respective cities.

What’s changing? We’ve got a slick new layout and some brand-new features, but don’t worry – we’re still raving about Bristol and have (almost) all your old faves. Another day at the office, for the same team, now with a few more pals and wetting our collective pants with excitement for the future.

This month sees the legendary Cat Power grace our cover to talk about the deep challenges and personal evolution that went into making Wanderer. Elsewhere, we have Empress Of, listings, the best new releases and a seven-page alternative student guide to get the new arrivals feeling just as lucky as we do to live in a thriving, vibrant place like Briz.

Loki Lillistone