Issue #82 | November 2018

Read the Nov issue with Maggie Rogers, Vessel, Tasha, IDLES, new releases & more

Maggie Rogers

November is here and we’re truly in the thick of it. The sun has disappeared, our faves are back on tour and our mates IDLES have played their big hometown show (see: p60), so the Bristol guitar contingent can remember that other bands do exist.

On the cover this month is long-time In Stereo wishlist member, Maggie Rogers. The album heralding her return is due in January, and answers the question: ‘where do you go after your debut track literally makes Pharrell cry?’ It turns out, lots of places.

Bristol’s Vessel also talks to us about their new album, Queen of Golden Dogs, which builds on the idiosyncratic path they’ve been carving out, here fusing electronic and orchestral elements in a way only they can. Thirdly, Chicago’s Tasha stops by to talk music, activism and black positivity.

All this, plus unmissable events for the upcoming month, full live listings for Bristol’s best venues, the most exciting new releases, guests and more!

Loki Lillistone