Issue #88 | May 2019

Read the May issue with Holly Herndon, our 2019 festival guide and more.

It nearly killed us, but here is BiS’ 2019 festival guide – our longest and most detailed one yet. There’s so much on offer this year, especially in and around Bristol, that we’ve frankly never been more proud of our powerful little music scene. Cast your eye over the best of the summer calendar, whether in the Southwest, the wider UK or mainland Europe.

On our cover this month is the ever-groundbreaking Holly Herndon. She explains all about teaching A.I. to sing for her latest effort, PROTO, a.k.a. why she is smarter and more relentlessly creative than all of us losers put together.

Elsewhere, Jamila Woods chats to our New Music Editor, Kezia Cochrane about her album, LEGACY! LEGACY!, an ode to some of history’s most inspirational people of colour. She opens up about her writing process and what her own legacy might be.

All this plus listings for Bristol’s best venues, May’s hottest releases, brand new artists for your radar, guests, comment and more. I can feel the summer already.

Loki Lillistone