Issue #93 | October 2019

Read the October issue with Angel Olsen, Clipping, albums, listings and more.

October has landed and we’re picking up maximum gig readings, along with near-deadly album levels. Simple Things leads the charge on places to be this month, with 25 years of Bugged Out not far behind. Head to our Events section (p.40) for more.

Angel Olsen is currently voguing on our front cover, and does so in aid of her honestly fantastic new album. She’s transmuted once more, this time into a chambery-yet-futuristic goddess of the underworld. Her interview discusses anger, expectations and music as therapy.

Elsewhere, Clipping. reconcile making horrorcore while being some of rap music’s best-known ‘nice guys’; Lindstrøm discusses being prolific while keeping it fresh and enjoyable for both him and listeners; and Anna Meredith explains how all her songs come from “nubbins”, so head to p.22 to work that one out.

Don’t forget, we’ve got release highlights, live listings for Bristol’s best venues, new acts you simply must hear and more. See you at a show soon.

Loki Lillistone