Issue #94 | November 2019

Read the November issue with Kim Gordon, Sudan Archives, albums, listings and more.

At time of writing, I have no idea (does anyone?) if we’ll be living in post-Brexit Britain this month or not. Either way, it seems very fitting that issue #1 of new family member, Berlin in Stereo hits streets on 31st October. In these strange and divisive times, it’s comforting to dwell on the fact that, whatever happens legally, music truly unites us all.

I’m not using the word lightly when I say we have a legend on the cover this month. The one and only Kim Gordon talks to us about how, years on from Sonic Youth and various other projects, her debut solo album finally meets the world.

We also invite personal faves of mine, Girl Ray, in for chats. They continue the current trend of indie kids turning pop, while eschewing the need for their identity as young people or women to overshadow their music. Elsewhere, Anna of the North talks rebooting the project without her partner in crime and Sudan Archives likens her record to a long-overdue number two. In the best way, of course.

All this, plus live listings, albums of the month, new acts, guests and more!

Loki Lillistone