Issue #98 | February 2020

Read the February issue with Caribou, Katie Gately, Shopping, Black Marble and more.

Caribou (Photo: Mathew Parri Thomas)

February is here, bringing with it a slew of tours, events and albums – and it’s with the utmost pleasure that we bring it all to you, in handy A6 form.

Needing no introduction, Caribou leads the charge this month ahead of his fantastic new album, Suddenly, out via City Slang. He explains the diaristic nature of this new output, owing in part to the significant life events experienced since 2014’s Our Love.

Katie Gately, whose impressive, otherworldly productions couldn’t be further from the above, also comes in to explain the “pre-lingual” nature of her music-making process for the upcoming Loom. Elsewhere cult favourite, Black Marble, talks to us about his relocation from NYC to LA, and how it’s spelled RIP to his previous MO. Finally, Shopping chat to us about making some of the most angular “pop” we’ve ever heard.

All this, plus Feb’s most exciting releases, live reviews, detailed concert listings for Bristol’s favourite venues, event highlights and more. One of the people behind the fabled AF Gang even drops by to celebrate their uniquely-positive corner of the internet, and the difference it’s made to many of our humble lives.

Loki Lillistone